What about Black Pepper

What is the health benefit of black pepper?

I thought it would be interesting to write a few words about black pepper.  These articles are really about all the ingredients we put into my mother’s tea for Alzheimer’s and one of the ingredients is black pepper.  Now I understand that it helps the Turmeric absorb into the body, because without absorption there is no benefit.  But I was thinking does it have any other medicinal value.  So far I have been blown away by the medicinal value of the cinnamon, the coconut oil and the honey.  So why not look at black pepper.  It is only 1/8 of a teaspoon in the tea.  What other value could it have? Well here is my researchblack pepper: Heap of ground black pepper on white background Stock Photo

Here is some research I found on the Herbal Academy’s site.  I actually was thinking I would find nothing.  But it has three medicinal  benefits.

Value of Whole Peppercorns

Well black pepper has been used in different remedies and for different reasons.  It seems that the pungency and the heating properties in black pepper actually helps our bodies to metabolize food.  It sort of lights a fire to help us burn or metabolize our food.  It seems that when black pepper is on our tongue, it triggers the stomach to release hydrochloric acid, which we need to digest protein.  It also stimulate digestive enzymes in our pancreas.  Ok I will be using more black pepper.
After learning that it helps to digest protein, I know sometimes I will have my eggs with black pepper but after learning this I will always have all my proteins with black pepper.  I think I will put in a tiny bite even in my protein drinks.  (Hmmm)
Black Pepper is also an antioxidant.  It inhibits free radicals and it has influencing antioxidant enzymes as quoted by Vasanthi, in 2010.
Here is a biggy.  It is good in a cold and flu remedy.  You add it with your honey and it helps with respiratory congestion and is good in helping the body to expectorate and dry up mucus membranes.

Now this is not the black pepper we all get in the little container. But to reap the benefits mentioned, you want to choose the organically grown whole peppercorns and grind it.  It said when you are choosing the peppercorns to grind pick the ones that are uniform and rich in color and that has a strong aroma.  It also stated that there a different colors of peppercorns and each is unique in color and taste because of how they are processed and prepared.

I always like to see if there is a side effect of using anything. Because like I mentioned earlier when we learn something is good we have a tendency of over doing it, because it is not a drug.  But in the research it said that large amounts of black pepper is not recommended.  Less than a 1/2 teaspoon, which is considered culinary amounts of black pepper should be used by people who are pregnant or breastfeeding.  It can also inhibit drug metabolism when taking pharmaceutical medications.  So it is good to ask your pharmacist if black pepper will inhibit your medication. I always see where articles say ask your doctor, but it is the pharmacist that has that information.  The pharmacist is the expert in medication.

Also if possible see how the peppercorn is processed because the safrole content which helps in the benefits researched, is significantly deceased in the traditional method involving heat and drying.


Marjorie Edwards

I feel one of the best ways to become good on a subject is to live it. My mother has Alzheimer's. I want people to know how to continue to show respect and love, but not give up thinking there is no way out. So because I have lived with Alzheimer's through my mother and researched it I am able to write informative information.

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