Vacation Time!

This will be a short post.  I hope my readers remember that I told them, that we had gotten my mother well enough that we Alzheimer remedydecided to do a family trip with her.  Kind of a family reunion on wheels.

We are meeting up in Charleston, South Carolina going to where my sister and mother live in Andrews, South Carolina where we will also be meeting up with the tour bus. We will be touring New York City and the surrounding areas all the way up to Ontario Canada. It is a 9 day trip.  My mother wants to do it, I just hope she can take it, she is 87 years old.

I haven’t gone to Canada in a while, and now we have to have a passport.  That is to show you how bad the world have gotten, I remember when all you needed was your driver’s license and good answers to the border patrol officer.

So when I get back, I am hoping to be able to give you a good report.  I was thinking of something else.  Even if it is not a complete reversal of Alzheimer’s, we did slow it down.  And that is something, because when we started this journey we didn’t think that could be done.

For those of you, who may be reading this article without reading the other information, my mother had gotten to the point of not remembering her own daughters, so this is a blessing.  Although she has 11 daughters to remember.  LOL!! It is also a blessing that all of us are still around.  My mother has 12 children.   I am the oldest, we range from 69 to 50 years old.   I have one brother.

I know this trip will be a blast, because I really believe we were dropped on our heads at birth.  We have too much fun together.  It is funny, we are adults until we get together.  Then we are kids again.  I have to mention, once at my husband and mine’s 30th wedding anniversary and of course we had other friends and family there.  When the photographer asked for family to get together for a family portrait we had to keep making people who weren’t a part of family get out of the shot.  They wanted to be a part of our family.  They said, they loved our family’s relationship and wanted to be a part of it.  Of course we still kicked them out.  LOL!!  My mother managed to raise a family full of love and laughter that exist until today.

So praying we have a safe trip, until I get back and write a report of this vacation.  You all be safe.

Marjorie Edwards

I feel one of the best ways to become good on a subject is to live it. My mother has Alzheimer's. I want people to know how to continue to show respect and love, but not give up thinking there is no way out. So because I have lived with Alzheimer's through my mother and researched it I am able to write informative information.

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