We first had to remember, what do doctors treat, the symptoms not the cause.  So, we needed to know what is the cause of Alzheimer.

The cause of Alzheimer is simply plague on the brain.  Kind of like a car battery that has rust on the post.  Your car won’t start until you get the rust off the post.  Scrub off the rust and re-hook it up and the car starts.

So, it is interesting to note that microscopic changes are happening in the brain long before the Alzheimer disease can be recognized.  Similar, to the car battery building up rust.

In our discovery, we learned that the brain has 100 billion neurons or nerve cells.  And that groups of nerve cells have specific jobs.  Some involve thinking, learning and remembering.

Now when the brain is working as it should, brain cells operate like tiny factories.  They receive supplies, generate energy and get rid of waste.  Cells also process and store information.  Cells communicate with other cells.  Keeping everything running requires coordination and a lot of fuel (glucose)  and oxygen.

What shocked us was you can be as young as 40 to get Alzheimer’s

Any of us who have dealt with this disease know it worsens over time. Eventually it is difficult for the person to hold a conversation and respond to what is going on around them. They can forget things in seconds

So, what is happening? That plague builds up in spaces between the cells then there is the tangles that build up inside the cells.  Naturally the brain cannot fire, or receive information, so it staves and starts to die.

I know this is not a funny subject but, in order to endure, I try to find humor in everything.

I once saw a cartoon of two old ladies, and the caption says, the one thing I appreciate about Alzheimer’s is you meet new people, every day.

Sadly, this disease is the sixth leading cause of death in this country. People can live up to 20 years with this disease, getting to the point of not eating and the body not working.

We discovered the medical profession is saying, there is no cure for this condition.  Like I will continue to say, for those of us who believe in God, he created us from the dust of the ground.  Therefore, I could not believe that he left us without a solution.

I do believe, though that the GMO and processed food is behind all of the big diseases that we are seeing today.  Cancer was hardly heard of 50 years ago, Alzheimer in the last 20 years in really on the scene claiming millions in this country, why?  We are eating food our bodies cannot identify with.  I learned that from Dr. Wyle.

I am noticing that individuals
who eat less of the fast foods and processed foods seem to do better against these types of diseases.  Although I must say, there is that person who beats all the odds.

Once we did our research we needed to know what can get that plague off my mother’s brain.  She is now 87 years old and the thought of her dying like that got us busy.  4 of us hit the search buttons looking for solutions.

We already knew her doctor didn’t have the solution because the medication that he had prescribed for her, made her worse. It actually erased her memory of a trip she had just taken to Florida.   I will not say what medication it was, because this is not what this website is about.  It will be about finding natural Alzheimer remedies that are solutions and how we moved out of the dark into the light.

But I will tell you the story of what happened.  At this time my mother was living in her own apartment.  Like I said we were doing things to feed her brain, which it seemed it was helping somewhat.  My sister reported to me that she was getting worse, so even though my mother hates doctors, I told my sister to make an appointment and take her.  That is when we found out she had Alzheimer’s disease for at least 5 years.  Well when my mother her that, she always wanted to go to Sea World to see the Whale and so they planned a trip and went.

The doctor prescribed some pills, that he felt would do better than what we had been doing and so my sister started giving them to my mother.  She said they had a great time until about 5 days later they were coming back from Florida and my mother is saying how much fun she had.  My sister said, she got out of the car to go to her apartment, and then she is just standing still.  She asked my sister, why am I standing here, my sister said we just got back from Florida.  My mother replied, I would remember if I had gone to Florida. My mother became so insistent that she hadn’t gone to Florida, that my sister had to take out the pictures of them being there to prove to my mother that they had indeed make the trip.

After that happened, my sister was afraid to let my mother go back to her apartment.  She thought my mother would be better the next day.  My mother comes out of the bedroom and said, we are in such a pretty hotel room. My sister replied, mom you don’t remember you are in my house. This is the beginning of our story into the dark.

By relating the different experiences that happened with my mother, you will see how desperate we become.  I am so thankful that my mother has always taught us how to look for alternative ways of treating ourselves.  And now she is benefiting from that training.

Also, in the early stages of this disease, I don’t think we can remotely know what these people are going through.  Trapped inside a (in some cases) healthy body, with a dying brain.  I think once you come to some understanding of this you will find yourself becoming a lot more patient.

After many years of searching and time running out.  We started seeing a little light. Please share our family’s experience with your friends and family, I am hoping this will help some of you who are going through this.

Also if you are in the phase of looking for a doctor.  I prefer a doctor who does both natural and medical.  I learned a long time ago with any condition try natural first and if that doesn’t work then go medical.  Also make sure that when a doctor is prescribing medication you tell him everything you are already taking, ask him is there a natural way to deal with your condition.

As we travel down this dark road with my mother, I will tell you about our personal experiences and how we are dealing with and have dealt with them. We will relate other experiences and how we were able to overcome them.




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