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Alzheimer’s disease-natural remedies

First, Sugar is an Alzheimer’s sufferer’s enemy!

On the subject of Remedies and Diet we learned that Diet for Alzheimer’s and Remedies for Alzheimer’s are very important.  Some people are  not aware the Alzheimer’s disease and natural remedies even go together.  For instance, sometimes there are things that could make my mother worse.  I don’t know why, but most people who sufearly Alzheimer signfer with Alzheimer’s have big sweet tooths.  Yes sugar could make her become violent, or make her memory worse.  And if we would try to dissuade her from having anything sweet she would get very angry about it.

I wondered why sugar is so bad for Alzheimer’s disease patients.   It is a long explanation so to make it short and understandable, sugar raises glucose which contributes to the shrinking of the part of the brain called the hippocampus.  That is where the formation, organization and memories are stored.

So getting back to the incident of constantly working with my mother about avoiding sugar, how did we handle that?  We found a way to make treats that were sweetened by natural fruits.  Like you can make cookies using bananas and raisins and dried cranberries.  One recipe is one cup of old fashion oats and a ripe banana and raisins, you can even add unsweetened coconut flakes and chocolate chips. Much better for them then refined sugar cookies and cakes. I just learned too that there is Gluten Free Oats which is better for you.

Suggestion, don’t let the person  go shopping with you, if you can help it.  When I went to the store by myself, I would bring back the foods best for her.  She didn’t seem to mind if she asked for cake and it wasn’t in the house.  But if she went shopping and she saw cake she wanted it.  I remembered once the store had little pound cakes 10 for $8.99 she wanted it.  So, I said mom, that might not be good for you.  She almost got loud letting me know she was going to have it.  I knew I was going to be in for a bad time that day.

Before I continue, make sure any new foods you are giving the person with Alzheimer’s will not cancel out their medication.  Or even some supplements may not combine with their medication the right way.  Good to google new food with their medication to see if it has any adverse effects.  Check with your partner, who should be your doctor also.

We gave my mother coconut oil, which is very good for people with Alzheimer’s.  Some people just don’t want to take it in a spoon. So remember when  dealing with a person with, advanced Dementia or Alzheimer’s it is like dealing with a child, you have to figure out how to get them to take some things. Like putting it in a smoothie they like, it works.  You may wonder why coconut oil, ( and I should say organic) because coconut oil can completely reverse Alzheimer’s in some patients.  It provides the brain with Ketones to use as a alternative energy source for brain cells.

We tried to stay away from processed foods.  She was given as many green vegetables, preferably organic, meat and fish.

Not a lot of bread, if possible no bread. Some people don’t know that bread once digested turns into the wrong kind of sugar, which is a NO, NO for Alzheimer’s disease sufferers.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, also very good for the brain.  Olive oil actually stops amyloid beta plaque from forming in the brain. It is also believed to help nerve cells. So you children of people with Alzheimer’s, it is good for us to start eating these foods now, so we won’t end up like our parents. Parents with Alzheimer’s are showing us our future. Use this knowledge as a way to dodge that bullet.  Most of these things mentioned slows Alzheimer’s disease down, but once it gets to be in the advanced stage it is not that easy to reverse.  So better to do preventative things now.

Organic blueberries, cheapest when in season,  helps keep the brain from deteriorating.  So does blackberries it also reduces inflammation.

Plus remember that everyone is different.  In your research you don’t want to be like a doctor, getting cookie cutter solutions.  One solution doesn’t fit all.  Like some people can eat strawberries and some people are allergic to strawberries.  When you are trying different things watch the results. One way to tell if it is working is ask the person to draw a clock.  If they can’t draw a clock, keep looking for what works for them. Sometimes things will work for a little while and then stop working.

We continued to take my mother to her doctor as our partner, his examinations could tell us if we were on the right path or not.

In another post I will talk about other foods.  But as we tried different things, we were getting better reports from my mother’s doctor.  She has had Alzheimer’s for over 10 years now.  The doctor told us that if  he were to draw a line straight across that would be a normal brain.  The Alzheimer brain’s line would be slanted down, my mother’s brain had dropped a little, but for awhile it was traveling just under normal.  So what we were doing was slowing it down

Ever so often the different foods, vitamins, minerals that seem to work would stop working and we would have to look for something else.  Sometimes that would occur when her high blood pressure medicine was changed.

Go to the page on Journey Back .  Because now we were at our wits end, my mother started deteriorating again.  One day while at a family reunion, she couldn’t recognize my sister, her own daughter.  That was 6 months ago, when I got the call, and back to the drawing board we went again. But remember Alzheimer’s disease and natural remedies, do help, if only to slow it down.




  1. Really interesting article on Alzheimers. My husbands grandmother is currently suffering from Alzheimers and it is indeed such a terrible disease. It’s nice to read of natural ways to improve the symptoms. Unfortunately, my husbands grandmother is already at an advanced stage- she can’t really walk or talk anymore so I don’t think these ways can make too much of a difference. However, it’s always interesting to read because maybe I’ll be able to help someone else one day. Thanks!

    • Thank you for your comment. My mother was nearing an advance stage and it has helped her. I tried these suggestions because they were done on people with advance cases of Alzheimer’s. Doesn’t hurt to try.

  2. The articles here are very well done. My mother is 89 years old and recently she has said some things that were troubling like not remembering where she was just 30 minutes earlier etc.
    I believe in natural remedies but it is difficult to convince people to try them. Medications do harm and don’t tackle the root cause of any disease. Coconut oil has many healing qualities as do fruits and herbs. There needs to be more information like this made available. Thanks for your work

    • Yes and Turmeric with black pepper added to coconut oil is amazing. My mother is 88 and we are still working on her. Don’t want her to take the full Alzheimer’s trip, if nothing else it can slow it down. Please pass the information around about this site. Thanks so much for the encouragement

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