My Mother’s Alzheimer’s Journey

Now that we have discussed diet on my previous page and some of the things Alzheimer’s patients shouldn’t eat.  prevent alzheimerWe need to look, into some remedies, because that is how we started our mother’s Alzheimer’s JOURNEY!  What about journey back?

We had given our mother different supplements to help her, they did slow things down.  One of the supplements the FDA took off the market.  But we didn’t give up.  At first, because we didn’t understand Alzheimer’s, we were looking for supplements to feed the brain.  Now we look for recipes to clean the brain.  We kept looking because our mother was slipping away.  Can you imagine looking at someone and knowing you should know them, but you can’t remember.  That is what makes some of Alzheimer’s patients so frustrated and angry.

One day as usual I was on the internet and came across an article that confirmed what I already believed, it said that Alzheimer’s could be cured. Then the article began to tell stories of individuals that had been in a hospital with Alzheimer’s waiting to die and how they were, able to go home and resume taking care of themselves.

Well I had to see what that was.  I read about Turmeric and health.  I thought I had heard of people who had taken turmeric and they thought it was good, but not good enough to cure Alzheimer’s.  So, I read on to find out that turmeric need other things to make it absorb into the body.  And one of those things is black pepper, it raises the healing power of turmeric, greatly.  You only need about an 1/8 of a teaspoon of black pepper to a ½ teaspoon of turmeric.  And to boost it’s, power even higher you add coconut oil.  You make a tea out of it.  Different papers on the subject say different things, but the one I liked the best was bringing the water just before the boiling point and pouring it over the turmeric, black pepper and ½ tsp. of coconut oil.Alzheimer remedies

I called my sister and told her about what I had just learned.  We started giving the tea to my mother last August 2016.  You can add raw honey to this drink and it made it taste good.   My sister makes it for my mother in the morning and at night.  I was hoping this would get the plaque and tangles off her brain.

Well about 2 months ago, I got a call on my cell phone that identified MOM.  I picked up as usual and heard “Hey girl just checking on you”.  I said mama? O did Carolyn call for you?  She said “No!  I just thought I would catch up with everyone.

I was shocked because my mother has not been able to use a phone in at least two years.  I don’t have those repeat conversations with her any more.  Yes, we are on the journey back!  When I told one of my other sister’s that my mother called me, she was shocked.  She said mama can’t use a phone.  She can’t figure out how to use it.  I said, she is back using it now.

We have enhanced her tea, which will be discussed later.  But she is doing so well, that we are celebrating and taking a tour with her this summer.  Which wouldn’t have been possible at the rate she was going.

I will be giving out more remedies, recipes and reporting on how my mother is doing.  She is 87 and not frowning but smiling because she is on the journey back off a dark road into the light.

I thank God for blessing us with the knowledge of one of the things he left us, and is in the process of getting the plaque and tangles off my mother’s brain.

                                           Can everyone take turmeric?

No!  some people cannot take turmeric.  I have a friend who can’t take it.  So, I am finding different remedies in hope, it will address everyone’s struggle to fight Alzheimer’s.  Like I said try different things until you find something that works for you.

Also any new spice or herb you take, if you are on medication,  make sure it doesn’t cancel your medication out.  Take for instance did you know that milk cancels out iron, if you drink it to help get your iron supplement down.  Just google your medication and ask how it will react to turmeric.  Also let’s say you are on a regiment that seems to be working and your medication is changed, do you know it can cancel out the good results you are getting.  So you may have to go back to the drawing board so to speak to make sure, what you are doing will get along with the medication you are taking.

As I look back, I am thinking what is the difference in my mother when the other remedies were working, we thought.  The other time you could still tell she had Alzheimer’s in other words she wasn’t getting worse fast, but she was asking the same question but a little less. This time she is not nearly as forgetful, and now when we are talking she pretty much remembers what our conversation is about. She seem to keep getting better.  I believe the last time we talked I don’t remember having to repeat anything, it was a normal conversation.cure alzheimer

So, I hope you see this as  my mother’s alzheimer’s journey of hope. I will be publishing our results on the different recipes.  I am doing this for myself too.  Because about 3 months ago, I was shopping at Kroger’s and I was leaving the store going into the parking lot and for a brief scary moment I couldn’t remember where I was.  I remember the sky looking so big, as if it was just me and the sky.  I thought to myself, don’t move just stay still until this passes.  I knew then I could be the next victim to Alzheimer’s.  So I take that tea in the morning.  And when I stop drinking it I can tell the difference in that too.  These articles are not just for your loved one, but for you who are among those who have Alzheimer’s in their families to dodge the Alzheimer’s bullet.  Also do your own research on Turmeric and health.  Please share my site with your friends and family.


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