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Hello my name is Marjorie and I really want this site to be about HOPE. Alzheimer remedy                           I am an  everyday person who had, the bad experience of watching my  mother travel down the very bad road of Alzheimer.  I want to show there is hope for Alzheimer’s sufferers.

I have no medical experience whatsoever.  I have been an entrepreneur for about 40 years, mostly in the art and clothing field.  I was a hair model for a couple of years and owned Marjorie’s Artistic Wallpaper fans for 10 years.

My background includes being a medical, health, hair-care researcher for my blog.  My hair-care site of 7 years “Bestblackhaircare” got the attention of a radio personality and so I have done 2 radio shows about hair.  That research experience taught me not to trust wholeheartedly in the commercial world.  I noticed so many women were losing their hair, my research uncovered that a lot of the hair products are dangerous.

I also believe in creation, and that the God who created man, didn’t leave us without everything we need to survive.  And this is the reason I have the faith to do research on  any illness, even when they say there is no cure.  I believe anything can be cured, if we give our body the tools to work with.

I am hoping that you understand that I am a fighter.  Now I believe that doctors should be our partner when you are fighting a serious disease.  But we must remember, that the doctor has a lot of patients and they mostly give a cookie cutter solution to your health.  They are treating the symptoms and not the cause. That is why you work with him and not just let him work for you.  He tells you what to do, and you do it without questioning him, not wise.  Also, most people don’t realize that they should interview any doctor to see not just that he is a good doctor, but what is his mindset on things.  Is he humble willing to listen to you and your concerns, or is he full of himself.  Curing just doesn’t mean dealing with the body, it also has to do with dealing with the mind.

I have a doctor I love because doing my interview I explained to him that I was into natural cures.  I needed him to tell me what I am dealing with, and tell me if what I am doing is good.  He works with me.  He tells me what the problem is, he doesn’t prescribe any medication because he knows I am not  going to take it.  I get an appointment to come back and he let’s me know if what I am doing is working. I so appreciate him for that.  He has a great personality, I once told him my other doctors were Google and youtube, he laughed.

Also, I don’t believe that one program is for all people, we are all different.  I believe you keep searching until you find what works for you.  Hopefully my stories will give you the will to try and not give up, we didn’t.

I will be telling the story of the very dark road we traveled with my mother, who has Alzheimer’s and how we are   helping her.  I will be discussing the natural remedies and diet and the journey of how we are seeing light on our journey back.  I am so hoping you will refer this site to your friends and family who are looking for guidance from the dark to the light.

I want this to be a HAPPY message of HOPE.

Marjorie                                                                                                                                                           Founder of this site




  1. Hi Marjorie, I enjoyed reading your personal page and can relate with how most doctors are. It took me a while to find a doctor that says it’s ok to see a chiropractor or any other natural way that can help. I also stay away from those chemical prescription​ drugs, one made me so sick from the side effects alone l never went back.
    You have had a few interesting careers and I can see you are a fighter. Helping your mother the way you are and seeing light on your journey back is awesome.
    I have heard of how devastating Alzheimers can be and your website has a lot of excellent information that I have an interest in returning to read more. I’d like to educate myself more about this.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you for your comment Patsy. We are still working with my mother, but she is doing better. And please refer people to my page who are dealing with Alzheimer’s. Most people don’t see a way out. I hope it helps people

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