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Finally I am appreciating that more and more of the medical profession is saying that food is medicine, because it is.  I wish more and more doctors would first give you over to a Nutritionist and see what that would do.  And I also wish that more and more Nutritionist studied not just food but also herbs which would help you not have to go to an Herbalist.


A lot of us know that. it is the food that is making us sick.  Those of us that are older will tell you that people didn’t get some of the diseases that are out of control today.  Mostly when someone died from cancer it was because they smoked or worked in a coal mine.  So I am so happy to see more and more of the medical professions are saying that what we eat really matters.


There is a diet that more and more scientist are recommending, it is the Mediterranean diet.  It actually seems to be a protection against Alzheimer’s disease.  A study published in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry said that the Mediterranean diet seems to keep the brain from developing toxic plaques and tangles.  Remember that plaques and tangles are associated with developing Alzheimer’s.


How they are getting this data is through the use of PET imaging.  I am familiar with PET imaging, as this is how they found that my husband had cancer and where it came from.


In using PET imaging, it was discovered how lifestyle factors directly influence abnormal proteins with small memory loss, even before the person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  When a person eats right it even keeps the brain from shrinking as much and it lowers the rate of atrophy in the brain.


So what is in the Mediterranean diet that makes it so great for dementia or Alzheimer’s which is a form of dementia.

Always, fresh fruits and vegetables and if you can afford it organic.  Mostly you need leafy greens they are very             good.

Of course olive oil.

Nut and seeds

Beans and legumes.  The best being lentils and chickpeas

Herbs and spices.  Oregano, rosemary and parsley mostly recommended

Whole grains

Wild caught fish.  It is recommended at least twice a week.

High-quality poultry, eggs, cheese, goats milk, kefir and yogurt.  If you don’t like goats milk, the milk from goat           farmers taste so much better than the milk in the store.  The farm I go to, you don’t taste that wild taste or smell           that smell.  All of this should be taken in moderation.

Red meat should be consumed once a week.  This I know if you eat red meat with vegetables only, it breaks down         better.  Don’t eat with any starches.  Plus my blood type is O.  Me and red meat get along fine.  If you are another         blood type that may not be the case.

Plenty of water and some coffee and tea

Yes, a daily glass of red wine.  I can do this one.  Not a big one either.


Of course exercise is a potentially good for Alzheimer’s

One discussed is burst training, it is known as a high-intensity interval training  Please check with your physician.


And of course like everything, do your own research.  I don’t think anyone should just do things that they read about, I think this information if more of showing you things you can research and then make an informed decision to try.   I personally think, there is no one thing that is good for everyone, not even water.  I didn’t know that advance kidney patients cannot drink water.  Kidneys are not working.  So research, recheck and talk to your doctor before doing anything.


Some Alzheimer’s patients are sickly and some are perfectly healthy except for Alzheimer’s.  So the health have to be taken into consideration before trying anything.  There are young people with Alzheimer’s, so exercise may be good for them, but not for a much older person.  Especially what they are talking about burst training.


But for those of us who have parents with Alzheimer’s this would be a great diet to be on the prevent Alzheimer’s.  I was thinking if you are trying to lose weight this is a good diet.  So hoping this is of assistance to you and why not try it and let me know what you think about it.  I am going to try it after my vacation in August, then I will write you about my experience with it.

Marjorie Edwards

I feel one of the best ways to become good on a subject is to live it. My mother has Alzheimer's. I want people to know how to continue to show respect and love, but not give up thinking there is no way out. So because I have lived with Alzheimer's through my mother and researched it I am able to write informative information.

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