Dark Road

I have had the bad experience of watching my mother travel down the very bad dark road of Alzheimer’s.  We love remembering our parents younger and in control.

The last time I saw my mother where I thought she was okay, was when my husband was dying of lung cancer.  She was visiting to help me take care of him. I remember him calling me to the bed and saying “watch your mother, there is something wrong.  I was so busy dealing with his condition and life, I couldn’t see what he could.  While my mother was visiting me my husband died.  After  a month she flew back home.

My mother was staying alone at the time, she lived about 1 mile from my sister in South Carolina.  After about 2 years my sister called telling me that my mom was very forgetful.  I told her, she’s 84, that’s why she forgets things. Things got worse, so the following year my sister and I decided to send her back to me for a few months.  When I went to the airport, and saw my mother, she was not as I remembered her.  My mother had  a terrible look on her face. Her face looked strained as if she was afraid to forget where she was.

Of course when we got home and rested, the conversation went.  How is Jason?  I would say, O he is fine, mama. Her: How is Jason?  Me: I just said, he is fine mama.  This could go on for about 3 minutes.  I found myself arguing with her.  I even heard her voice change while she was talking to my dog as if she was this little girl.  I became frightened.

So what was I to do?

The next morning, I had some FOCUS factor and gave it to her.  It recommended 4, which seemed to help her a little.Marjorie But after a couple of days, I decided to give her 4, three times a day.  Which helped quite a bite for a little while.

To get her back home we needed to have the airlines provide her with an assistant.  My sister continued my regimen with my mother, until she noticed her slipping again.  My mother hates doctors, but I told my sister, it is time to take her to the doctor, we need to know what we a dealing with. Never thought it could be Alzheimer’s, Senile maybe but not Alzheimer’s.

So did she have Alzheimer?

Well we were informed that my mother had had Alzheimer’s disease for at-least 5 years.  In the meantime the doctor prescribed a medication which she started taking.  Fearing the worse, my mother wanted to go to Sea World she wanted to see Shamu.  The trip went fine.  When they returned my sister and my mother were discussing the fun they had and how much she enjoyed the trip. She gets out the car to get her luggage and she is standing, not moving. She asked my sister, why am I standing here?  My sister replied:  We just got back from Florida, you went to see Shamu.  My mother replied.  I didn’t see Shamu, I would remember if I had seen Shamu!  My sister showed her the pictures of them in Florida at Sea World.  She remembered non of it!   She was taken back to the Doctor only to discover that the medication she was taking, had wiped her memory clean.

My sister called her doctor and he recommended taking her off the medication and trying something else.  My sister called me and we decided to take her off all those medications, and informed the doctor of our actions and why.   He understood.  We told him we would go the natural route, but would bring her in to see him, to see if we were doing the right thing.  Her Doctor became our partner, we got down into the trenches with him to discover what was right for my mother.  Of course we were reminded you cannot cure Alzheimer.

When I finally understood what my mother was going through….


When I would go to see her, she would be always frowning.  Once when she had come to see me after she left, I was cleaning up the room she stayed in and I found after she left  a note. She had written a note to herself.  It said, you are at your daughter’s house.  She lives in Denton, Texas.  I sat on the bed and cried, it was the first time I even remotely understood what she was going through.  She had put it on the pillow so she could see it every morning.  Even with that reminder, she would ask me where I lived.  It was so sad, such a dark road.

Once, while living alone, she left a pot on the stove, and the fire department had to be called.  She was still driving and eventually I told my sister we had to take her car.  I feared she would leave her house and not know how to return. My sister couldn’t take the car, thought it was too humiliating.  I had to tell her, she is not dealing with my mother but with Alzheimer’s.   I thought I was going to have to fly to SC to take the car.  Thankfully my sister took my mother to the doctor and he told her she could no longer drive.  My mother was furious.  I told my sister just don’t say anything and take the keys.  Hopefully she would forget.  That didn’t happen.  She was always looking for her keys, even when my sister told her she had them.  Then there would ensue a disheartening conversation.  A very dark road.


The road gets darker.


She was always losing her purse.  Her and my sister was constantly looking for things she had misplaced.

In the summer of 2016 my sister took my mother to a family reunion, and she couldn’t recognize one of her daughters.  We were getting very afraid.  It got to the point that I prayed that my mother would die a peaceful death before having to travel the full road of Alzheimer’s.  It is a terrible way to live until death.

I have had a aunt who died of Alzheimer’s on my father’s side of the family, and mother now has this terrible disease.   So Alzheimer’s is on both sides of my family.  But, I believed unlike the medical profession says,  Alzheimer can be cured.  Not with the medications the doctors were using, but with herbs, supplements and food.  Like I mentioned earlier, I believe that the God that created man, didn’t leave us without everything we need to live on this earth.  So with all of this going on, what were we doing?  Research.

Please read remedies and diets.  And please send this site on to everyone, because in the next few years it is expected that 1 in 3 people will have Alzheimer’s.  And especially ladies please pass this website address around, because we have Alzheimer more than men do.  What can we do since we are told it could never be cured. We won’t let that stop us. For we asked again Is there a Cure for Alzheimer’s? Or can we slow it down without the side effects of the medications.  Let’s get off this dark road and see.


  1. Good afternoon Marjorie,

    A good website on Alzheimer is really needed as this is an illness together with Dementia which will be talked about a lot in the future. As people are more exposed to toxins and eat more man made foods sadly enough there will be more and more cases of it.

    Regards, Taetske Guillaume

    • I agree with you. I looked up the stats and in the near future it is estimated that 1 in 3 people will have Alzheimer’s disease. That is scary that is why I wrote this so some of us can start taking care of our brains now. I didn’t know there were things that could clean the brain so it can receive signals. Please suggest my site to Caregivers and people in early stages of Alzheimers.

  2. Very good article I as well can relate with you, as we lost my wife’s grandmother and several years later her aunt and both to Alzheimer’s. I will share your page. I have also book marked it so I can check back in and keep updated. More people need to learn about this.

    Thank you Randy

    • Thank you Randy. I believe as many people as possible should know there are other things that can help without the side effects of these drugs. Please come back

  3. Hello Marjorie,
    This is a fantastic post, I recently lost my brother to Alzheimer and I am still in shock. You have done an incredible job and my heart goes out to you because I fell your pain and anguish.
    I Pray that the LORD Our Savior Continue To Give You The Strength To Carry On. Thank You For Sharing This With Us.
    To God Give The Glory; Praise His Holy Name ForEver And Ever, His Mercy endureth ForEver and ever.
    Your Brother In Christ;

  4. Hello Marjorie,
    This is a fantastic post, I recently lost my brother to Alzheimer and I am still in shock. You have done an incredible job and my heart goes out to you because I feel your pain and anguish.
    I Pray that the LORD Our Savior Continue To Give You The Strength To Carry On. Thank You For Sharing This With Us.
    To God Give The Glory;
    Praise His Holy Name ForEver And Ever,
    His Mercy endureth ForEver and ever.
    Your Brother In Christ;

  5. Ohhh wow Marjorie I can’t hold back my tears this is a heart touching article and it is definitely something that should be more talked about I know of so many people who have suffered and are suffering from Alzheimer’s
    I totally agree there is always more natural and healthier ways to help these drugs being prescribed are doing more harm than good

    Thank you for this amazing article 💚

  6. Hey Marjorie
    Thanks for the very informative and heart felt article!
    I work in aged care and I see this terrible disease a lot! I see clients decline rapidly sometimes and it is very sad!
    It is extremely sad when the people with this disease can not recognize their own loved ones!
    hopefully one day soon there is a cure or a reversible treatment to treat this!
    Thanks so much for sharing your story and raising awareness!

    • Yes, I am also hoping to encourage people who have this disease in their family to be proactive. I feel there are things we can do now that can help us in the future. Younger people are getting the disease now. So sad. Please pass this information on to your friends and families, this is another option, I hope can help. If you are like me, we had to look for other options, the medicine made my mother worse. Thanks for the comment

  7. My mom passed from having dementia. The progression of the illness is so sad.

    I recently read the book, “The Alzheimer’s Antidote: Using a Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet to Fight Alzheimer’s Disease, Memory Loss, and Cognitive Decline.”

    The author makes a strong case for cognitive illnesses like Alzheimer’s being metabolic related illnesses, which are caused by over consumption of sugar and carbs. The author also stated that research is starting to look closer at the glucose & insulin relationship with the disease.

    • Yes they are starting to call it diabetes of the brain. Please pass on this information to others, I think they need to know that there may be other options out there besides the medicine doctors are giving. It made my mother worse.

    • Thank you Paul. If you know of people with this condition please let them know about my site. hopeforalzheimer.com. I want people to know if the medication isn’t working there are other options.


  8. Saw my mom taken away by Alzheimer’s. It was a very traumatic experience for us. The thought has always been in the back of my head ….what if this happens to me. Thanks for your informative site. ATB Carson 1

    • Thank goodness Carson, I believe we need to be proactive. Especially since your mom had Alzheimer’s. My mother has it, so I am doing some of the things we are doing for her. But there is a part of my site call I know it has the work Turmeric in the title. I suggest you read that if you haven’t. Thank you for your comment.

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